The Perfect French Getaway

It's almost 5 years since Adam and I have been on a trip together. Back in March, we decided that 2015 was going to be the year. We planned a vacation to celebrate our 7th year of marriage (!) and took a tour of Southern France and Northern Italy. The vacation was well documented with an abundance of photos, so I've decided to split my post in two.

We began our journey in Nice, France. Now, for those of you who may not know, my love for France and the French culture runs deep.  I've had the privilege of spending time in Paris and Nice before. Whenever I visit, there is an instant comfort and familiarity that feels like home. Almost as though this place is part of my DNA. It is a country just over half the size of Ontario and has so much variation in landscape, it's truly breathtaking.

When booking our trip, I was in search of a perfectly located rooftop flat and definitely found it  in Nice. Waking up with a  view of the Mediterranean Sea  that went on for days, was heaven. The view did come with a small price. It was  9 storeys, all stairs, with 40lbs of luggage and no elevator. I must admit though, this price was paid by Adam. I guided and he did all the heavy lifting (thank you hunny!!!).

Roaming streets exploring beautiful architecture and tasting some pretty incredible food was how we filled most of our days. Others, we spent hours on the pebble beaches soaking up sunshine and drinking a little local moonshine.

Monaco Coast.jpg

A day trip to Monaco was a must. It is pure perfection. A stunning array of luxury cars, buildings and fashion. The designer in me was on sensory overload absorbing the elegance. There is an energy in Monaco that exudes wealth and makes you want to be part of the elite that live there. Not to mention they make one heck of a Gin and Tonic!

The Gorges Du Verdon aka The Verdon Gorge, was a very special day. Located about 2 hours north of Nice, it is a river canyon 25 kilometers long and up to 700 meters deep. The water is runoff from the Alps; crystal clear and cold.

This adventure was my gift to Adam for our Anniversary. We booked a rafting excursion through the gorge. Being the feet firmly planted on the ground type, this was WAY outside my comfort zone. Extremely nervous, I put on a wet suit and listened to the instructions, in French, of how to operate our raft and not be thrown out while going through rapids (gulp).  

Quickly, the scenery became a complete distraction from our activity. Sitting at the base of enormous limestone mountains puts life into perspective. You feel so tiny and humbled by the natural beauty and sheer magnitude of the landscape. I was in awe.  

Our drive back from the rafting excursion took us on winding roads that overlooked small villages hidden within the mountains. We came upon Gréolières and decided to stop in for dinner. A vacation property in this peaceful little village full of charm just topped my bucket list! One of the most incredible sunsets I've ever seen was experienced here.

We witnessed beach, country side and now on to some city life! Wrapping up our French tour with Paris was bitter sweet for me. Our trip this time only allowed for 1 day in Paris and I could have spent so many more. Knowing all that the city has to offer and all of the things I wanted to show Adam became instantly overwhelming. I had no idea where to start. We took a small walking tour over to the island and then decided to book a five star luxury dining experience on a double decker bus. Mind. Blown.

This bus was a 2 hour ride around the City of Lights in all her glory. It provided the coles notes version of a tourist experience in Paris and ended it with a twinkling Eiffel Tower.  Mon Coeur ♡