A Kitchen Makeover

My favourite part of being an Interior Designer is looking back to the "before" photos and being reminded of where the project began…the moment when possibilities are endless. As the project moves forward, it’s a whirlwind of emotion but when the hammers are done swinging and dust vanished, there before you stands a new space.  The hours spent pouring over layout, finishes and details to ensure all is perfect for your client, are justified. This profession gives you the ability to envision, create and finish with a tangible product...it's awesome. 

The kitchen of discussion today was once called home to a lovely woman with a desire for culinary change.  She brought me in to develop a new concept for her space and oversee the construction process. Her outgoing personality lead us to throw caution to the wind and search for soft colour, playful pattern and warm texture. 

Introducing...the new kitchen!

We changed the L-shaped cabinet layout into a galley style kitchen. This eliminated the need for those pesky corner cabinets where infrequently used gadgets dwell. A finish change between the upper and lower cabinets was done to create a bit of interest. Then, there is the backsplash (sigh), a beautiful grey/blue tile. It's handcrafted appearance was the perfect connection between crisp white uppers and the organic wood texture below. I opted for a unique pattern installation, keeping the space fresh and current.

A behind the scenes look at our photo shoot with Tami! Check out her other work at www.tamimcinnis.com

Sugar and spice and everything nice.

The piece de resistance, you ask? For me, it's the floor. The mix of an old world pattern tile with neutral solids gave the space another layer of visual texture. Just a nod to tradition while embracing current design trends. The blend of finishes and inspiration from many different styles has not only created a lovely new culinary experience but it has provided my client with a timeless kitchen.

The team we had execute the design provided quality work and a smooth renovation process... always much appreciated! It was such a pleasure working with my client and I am excited for the future renovations we have in store.