Small Kitchen, Big Dreams...

One of the best parts of design is helping clients discover their interior image. My duty is to understand their product, personalities and business vision then create a functional space and aesthetically convey these details; Ideally producing a unique experience for the end user. This type of brand development is often what sets small businesses apart from their competition.

Brains On Wheels, partnered with Firesnacks, provides PC technical support to home owners and businesses. When I was first brought on to assist with the design work of their...compact... office, 'Small Kitchen, Big Dreams' was the subject line to an introductory email from my client. I knew right then that this was going to be a fun, collaborative project with two great business owners.

When I began assessing the functional requirements that needed to fit in the Brains On Wheels office, I couldn't make any promises. Every inch mattered when it came to planning. Thankfully, in collaboration with the client, we were able address all the important items and come up with a plan that works.

BOW-Base Building Model (1).jpg

After the floor plan and spending some time with my client, I began to develop a design concept for the space. My inspiration....a well tailored suit, in grey to be exact.  I wanted to create a space that was masculine, well put together and allowed the use of strategic colour to lighten the mood like a fun tie would to a suit. 

With the team on board to this concept... all things construction can begin, so stay tuned!